Brandy Park

Brandy Park on Lemma Creek Road in Arbor Vitae is open. Anyone can use the park and pavilion free of charge, but if you would like to reserve the pavilion for a special event you may do so by calling Brandy Park Commission president Todd Hunter at 715-356-4101.

It’s a beautiful park with a large pavilion perfect for weddings, family reunions, baby showers or other parties. Fees are $100 for non-profit events and $250 per for-profit events, with a $100 deposit.

The Town of Woodruff and the Town of Arbor Vitae joined to establish the Brandy Park Commission to manage the development and maintenance of the co-owned Brandy Park.

The park’s facilities include two baseball fields with fencing and bleachers; a disc golf course; two tennis courts with fencing; a soccer field with lighting; a large shelter building with grills and picnic tables; two sand volleyball courts; a paved full basketball court; playground equipment; a swimming beach with pier, changing house and restroom facilities; a shoreline picnic area with tables and grills; and a paved walkway from the shelter to the beach parking area.  Winter facilities include an ice-skating rink.

Brandy Park is currently funded at only $30,000 per year – half from the Town of Woodruff and half from the Town of Arbor Vitae. Equipment and upgrades are expensive and the Brandy Park Commission gratefully accepts donations for the upkeep and beautification of this local treasure.

Donations may be remitted to:

Brandy Park Commission
P.O. Box 1306
Woodruff, WI 54568

Current commission members are president Todd Hunter, treasurer Phil Theiler, secretary Ray Christenson, Frank Bauers, Mike Timmons, Heather Hazelett and Samuel Weber.

Link to Brandy Park Agreement